Shaika April 14th and Honey Martin’s till the wee hours

So Saturday was my 2nd time back at Shaika, after the first gig in close to a year for me. The first was definitely a warm up; Full bright lights, I forgot a couple of lyrics, I only had one speaker plugged in (Marcinmono) and the sound was loud and crappy. This one felt real good; I got the magic right back and just had everyone from the first notes to the Chris Clarke made me do it encores. New compression pedal with the acoustic helped to level it nicely, and my voice just sounded real good in there with the lights down low. When I played Vegas, after telling “the story”, you could’ve heard a pin lie down and die.

That was, always is, real nice. Josh ad Jay showed up…i coaxed Josh up for impromptu harmonies on Norwegian Wood Hit Honey Martin’s with Cristine after for a big rave up with Lewis (talked Steve Gadd and Stewart Copeland), The Wells (Chris of encore aforemention et al), Justin-bass player dude plays rockabilly, Jenny from Shaika who’s b-day is tomorrow, and assorted revelers. Sang So Lonely a full octave than the band..freaked out a couple of folks.

Rolled in at 4:15 Singapore Time.
Fun, man, definitely a good night.
Thanks all for coming out and digging in.