Bunch of friends coughed up a six-string when I turned sixteen. My father wasn’t happy. Nothing shocking in retrospect. Taught myself listening to Zeppelin, Neil Young and Paul Simon albums. The imprint’s still there, though the chasm’s widened since. Started writing & singing songs, playing with lots of talent, and recording. More writing. More recording. Fell in love. Still more musicians. Still more writing. Still more recording. Still in love.

A “manager” suggested I rename myself. Came up with Vox Crosby. Got the name out there a little. Not too much. Friends, fans and some press. Opened a few papers to see my picture staring back. That was nice. Opened for Sam Roberts (both from Pointe Claire…super nice guy); Lisa Loeb (blew the room away); Pilate (now Pilot Speed); Kim Mtchell (he hit on my girlfriend…she’s still my girlfriend); and Trooper (so loud the sound guy stood outside). Supposed to open for Alanis Morrisette (still don’t own a cell phone). Placed finalist in Montreal rock station CHOM 97.7’s Esprit contest. “Nowhere Love” moved to heavy rotation for Nov/Dec due to listener demand. Pulled over on the shoulder everytime.

{mosimage} Invited to NY to record with big producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan; Emmylou Harris; Peter Gabriel). Held a Grammy Award. Nothing came of it. Played more shows. Flew to Vancouver to record with Juno-producer Brenndan McGuire (Sam Roberts; Sloan; The Dears). Swam in every lake in Nanaimo. Nothing came of it.

Broke up the band. Gigged acoustic through 2005 into 2006. Stopped playing live for the better part of 2006. Sadness set in. Worked like crazy to pay for the best thing I’ve ever accomplished in my life, “Waiting at the Red Lights”. Produced it with engineer Kevin Gault (Jean LeLoup; Anik Jean). Beautifully mastered by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire; The Stills). Sung and played all but drums (Tyson Schallmann). Songs sound exactly as they’d echoed through my head. Sad and sweet and real and rocking. First time I’m in love with my recordings. So proud that I went back to being me. Marc Gelinas. Feels so much better.

Still in love.

Finally it begins.

The Marc Gelinas Band is:

Marc Gelinas-vocals; guitars; piano; harmonica; mandolin

Tyson Schallmann-drums; backing vocals

Shian Ramjohn-bass; backing vocals