Waiting at the Red Lights

Waiting at the Red Lights




So I’m sitting here super stoked about the fact that I’m bringing the album master and artwork downtown today to be replicated into 1000 CDs. It sounds great, looks great, and I can’t wait to have my first finished, available for purchase album done.

It’s weird, I’ve spend a long time writing songs, playing music, trying to get yourself out there, heard, visible, and yet this is finally the crowning achievement I’ve been working towards. A finished body of work…music, art, text…all together in a little package that I can call my own. And though I’ve had the recordings to listen to over the last two months, it’s not the same as having it finished. It’s closure, and yet it really is the start of things. All my hopes, fears and emotions into a 5.5″ x 5″ plastic thing. One thousand of them, actually. It’s a good start I think.

I’ll keep everybody posted.


Crazy Brutopia show

So this is a little past the fact, but the last show at Brutopia (Thursday April 26th…yes, a little past date) was crazy. Three sets.. First set got warmed up and started to understand the packed house. Second set was slamming. Vegas…Born To Be Happy…Smolder Me…all were really good. Got off from second set and the house half emptied (past 1 am), then right before the third set, people poured in.

And this set was crazy. I opened it up, slammed some Ramble On, Van Morrison, and when I launched into American Pie, this dude strolls up, pulls out a trumpet, and starts blasting away some serious lines. It was incredible! The whole place roared as we ripped through American Pie..then Hey Jude, and the whole house was singing along with the lights on and what a night. Everybody there left saying that…:what a night”.

And we filmed it all…I’ll be throwing some of that footage up soon on different sites and will let the world know when I do definitely.
I’m out…gotta go lay some stone for dough.

Shaika April 14th and Honey Martin’s till the wee hours

So Saturday was my 2nd time back at Shaika, after the first gig in close to a year for me. The first was definitely a warm up; Full bright lights, I forgot a couple of lyrics, I only had one speaker plugged in (Marcinmono) and the sound was loud and crappy. This one felt real good; I got the magic right back and just had everyone from the first notes to the Chris Clarke made me do it encores. New compression pedal with the acoustic helped to level it nicely, and my voice just sounded real good in there with the lights down low. When I played Vegas, after telling “the story”, you could’ve heard a pin lie down and die.

That was, always is, real nice. Josh ad Jay showed up…i coaxed Josh up for impromptu harmonies on Norwegian Wood Hit Honey Martin’s with Cristine after for a big rave up with Lewis (talked Steve Gadd and Stewart Copeland), The Wells (Chris of encore aforemention et al), Justin-bass player dude plays rockabilly, Jenny from Shaika who’s b-day is tomorrow, and assorted revelers. Sang So Lonely a full octave than the band..freaked out a couple of folks.

Rolled in at 4:15 Singapore Time.
Fun, man, definitely a good night.
Thanks all for coming out and digging in.