Crazy Brutopia show

So this is a little past the fact, but the last show at Brutopia (Thursday April 26th…yes, a little past date) was crazy. Three sets.. First set got warmed up and started to understand the packed house. Second set was slamming. Vegas…Born To Be Happy…Smolder Me…all were really good. Got off from second set and the house half emptied (past 1 am), then right before the third set, people poured in.

And this set was crazy. I opened it up, slammed some Ramble On, Van Morrison, and when I launched into American Pie, this dude strolls up, pulls out a trumpet, and starts blasting away some serious lines. It was incredible! The whole place roared as we ripped through American Pie..then Hey Jude, and the whole house was singing along with the lights on and what a night. Everybody there left saying that…:what a night”.

And we filmed it all…I’ll be throwing some of that footage up soon on different sites and will let the world know when I do definitely.
I’m out…gotta go lay some stone for dough.